About Our Platform

DataCann ERP is an integrated, enterprise-level software platform that offering modular functionality to run and manage your cannabis business operation. Our cloud-based platform helps connect every facet of your business from grow operations to sales, extraction, production, and more! DataCann ERP provides the necessary tools and insights you need to help launch your business to the next level.

Features & Modules


Manage your production with ease, DataCann ERP helps you to schedule and manage production across multiple production lines, calculate your cost of goods, plus store, modify, and record standard operating procedures (SOPs) and material “recipes” for production.

Sales & Distribution

Supporting every step of the wholesale process from order taking and pulling to delivery distribution, routing, and invoicing.

Compliance Management

This new DataCann ERP Module currently under development helps keep your compliance department running smoothly by keeping track of your licenses, permits, and inspections all in one place. Automated email alerts let you know when licenses are about to expire and remind you of critical appointments that you don’t want to miss!


DataCann ERP’s Grow Module helps you monitor and track your plants from seed/clone to harvest time across every phase of their growth.

Inventory Management

Quickly and easily gain visibility to your entire inventory from finished products down to production components. Integrated purchasing and transfer receipts help you track the flow of products and our optional Requisitions Module helps take it to the next level and give your purchasing department insight into upcoming needs and demands.

Analytics & Reporting

DataCann ERP provides a wide variety of reports and options to give you the insights you need to make smart, strategic business decisions about every facet of your business.


Cannabis extraction processes require customized solutions to track and record the multitude of variables that can make the difference between a successful and a non-successful operation. Our Extraction Module helps you keep your plant material flowing smoothly through the operation and create finished oil or concentrate products!

Point of Sale

Our Point-of-Sale Module is one of our newest additions and gives you the ability to process retail/end user transactions through the platform. Includes sales tax calculation, barcode scanning support, and automated email receipt sending.

Customer Relations

With innovative customer dashboards, communication tracking, and order history, empower your sales team to make the sale with DataCann ERP’s integrated customer relations management tools!


The DataCann ERP platform has several integrations created to help empower and expand your business horizons.


Automated QuickBooks Enterprise integration helps you to keep your QuickBooks records in sync with automatic customer, product, and order synchronization.


Our LeafLink integration allows you to tap into the features of the leaders in the cannabis marketplace, giving your customers and sales reps a convenient and easy interface to place orders from. Orders are automatically synchronized to the DataCann platform so your fulfillment team can get them handled.


Our METRC API integration helps simplify your regulatory and compliance headaches with automated compliance reporting and synchronization, eliminating the need for multiple points of data entry!